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IR Management

Great Wall Culture provides perennial investor relationship management services, and manages the contents and channels of information communication with financial and economic circles and other circles, so as to maximize the value of relevant stakeholders and obtain the broad recognition of investors on schedule, standardize the operation of capital market, realize the incentive mechanism and Realization of external restraints on company operation. Maximizing shareholder value and protecting investors' interests, as well as alleviating regulatory pressure.

Including the research and positioning of the company's market image; the construction and management of investor relations, strategic planning and issuance of investment report; institutional investors' road show and reverse road show, listing activities and performance issuance activities and other special activities planning and implementation, shareholder structure planning and implementation, media monitoring and information analysis, investor relations. It is a dynamic follow-up analysis, investor relationship promotion program planning and implementation, media relationship management, etc. Complete all-round financial and business consultancy services from pre-IPO consultancy, financial public relations, market value management of listed companies, brand planning and promotion of listed companies' capital market.